Return to Lolibran

The second book in 'The Other Side of Magic' series

The second book in ‘The Other Side of Magic’ series

‘Pulled through the Rainbow’s arc until they felt like rubber bands ready to snap at any moment, their heads entered Lolibran while their feet were still away out over the sea. This, for these Earthlings, was a frightening and at the same time, exhilarating experience. Yet the whole journey was so swift that what had seemed to them like hours was over in an instant. Time had s..t…r….e…..t……c…….h………e………d along with their bodies.’

Travel with twins Lynn and Lyle, their mentor Mr. Peter, their three animal companions and Rob, the children’s bullying nemesis, as the Faerie attempt to overthrow the cannibal witch Solvieg and set their devastated land free. But Rob sets out to betray them all, only to find he must make a choice between life or death, his own.


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