July—If you like frogs you might like to see Gertrude. She came one day to our pond in our big garden and gave me such a surprise when I turned around and there she was, sitting on a rock on the side of the pond.

  We think she is a Green Frog and we think she came to our pond from the creek that flows through our backyard.

We also believe she is a female because she doesn’t croak, a male might call for a female to this nice big pond

but she is very quiet.

She disappeared for a few days but then she came back. We hope she stays

September— She did stay, she has been with us all summer. She has gotten quite big and very fat.


This is where she likes to sit, on a pot of Marsh Marigold, with very beautiful yellow flowers in early summer.





October—But now Gertrude has gone to bed for the winter, but we don’t know where. Possibly under the moss around her favourite plant. we look forward to seeing her again in the spring.

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