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The year is 1952. The Second World War is over, and prosperity is becoming a way of life for many people in North America. Small computers, tiny cell phones, rock music and big-screen televisions are still in the future, but big cars are everywhere. The cities are growing and the suburbs are springing up, eating into the countryside. Unfortunately, there are those who have not become part of this prosperity, the orphaned twins of this story among them. But there are also the “little people,” the Faeriekind, along with many plants and animals, who are losing their traditional homes as the fields and woods are paved over. Poor and dwindling in number, the Faerie are in danger of being forgotten. It will be a sad day for humanity if they leave us forever, for they take with them an important part of our heritage. Everyone, including the Faerie, needs a home they can call their own. Whether this particular story is true I cannot tell you, but some of the characters are based on real people, so you will have to decide for yourself about the rest.

The Night Visitors

The Night Visitors

This brief introduction is taken from Bernice Ramsdin Firth’s first book of four in the Other Side of Magic Series, entitled, “The Night Visitors.” It can be purchased for $16.95 or $24.95 as a signed 1st Edition.

This book is dedicated to her grandchildren, Lynn and Lyle, the protagonists in the series, with acknowledgements to Bill Richardson, whose “humming and thrumming” lines in a CBC competition gave her the inspiration to write the book.

Also, a great big thank you to her colleagues in the Chemainus Writers, especially Tom Masters, who has critiqued her work and given her the encouragement and insight she so often needs.

Also to her loving partner Gordon Skrepnek for his patience and understanding, to Jean Ballard of the Chemainus Writers for correcting my shaky French, and to Brad Grigor for his help and expertise in putting this book together.

Finally, many thanks to her daughter Georgette (Poppy) Shandler for her wonderful illustration of ‘The Dragone‘.

Go back, go back, to Lolibran
The way is short and fair
Through many hues of colours true
Go back there if you dare

The winding road to Lolibran
Will lead to stone and briar
Will lead to her who stole this land
And consequences dire

But it is said in Lolibran
Love’s light shall burst the veil
To take the land from witch’s thrall
And all her evil fail

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