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Bernice Ramsdin Firth

Bernice Ramsdin Firth

Originally from Toronto, Bernice was born in 1934 to an actress mother and an artist father who told her sister and her delightfully silly stories on their walks to the museum and art gallery. These memories have influenced her to this day!

She came to BC in 1962 with her husband, George, and four small daughters, travelling across country, (with many breakdowns) in an old Volkswagen van. Maple Ridge became their home and a fifth daughter was born there. She went to Douglas College for several years, taking courses in art and art history, creative writing, literature, drama, and philosophy.

After her husband passed away in a tugboat accident in 1972, she carried on with college and sold her sculptures to supplement her income. She has painted sets, two murals, (one in Maple Ridge and another in the works for Duncan, B.C.), and had her play, ‘The Tinder Box’, staged at two theatres.

She has been a member of B.C. Nature for many years, enjoying the outdoors and helping to fight for the those who cannot speak for themselves.

She came to Chemainus, B.C. with her partner, Gordon, in 1998 where she now paints, works in stone, and writes stories for children and young adults, as well as caring for a large garden.