Into the Fire

Bernice Ramsdin-Firth, Author

Bernice Ramsdin-Firth, Author

Last book of The Other side of Magic series

Last book of The Other side of Magic series

The last book in the Other Side of Magic Series—The Night Visitors, Return to Lolibran and The Witch’s Lair and Out of the Frying Pan—Into the Fire has been published. Those of you who have been enjoying the adventures of twins Lynn and Lyle, Mr. Peter and their animal companions, will be anxious to read Into the Fire.

Find out how, after Mr. Peter disappears, Lynn and Lyle, Rob and Riquet, manage to foil Solvieg, the cannibal witch. Her attempts to catch them sends them across Canada on a wild car chase, with Solvieg stealing one vehicle after another, even a train. It is a madcap adventure, with Mrs. Bagge, the twins former uncaring caregiver, coming back into the picture, plagued by the Faerie who had been left behind when the main group left for Lolibran to fight the war against Solvieg. After many adventures the exciting ending brings the series to a close. Or does it?

Below is an excerpt from a judge’s commentary on The Night Visitors.

Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Awards

In the Night Visitors, the author has an excellent sense of setting, and you can tell throughout that she has researched her subject. From the Faerie to the Gaelic writing to even the fantastical hints at the land beyond the rainbow, all the small details are accounted for, making the novel breathe with a sense of authenticity.The story structure is completely solid. I was drawn in from the inciting incident in chapter one and enjoyed so many of the descriptive and lively scenes throughout as the author ramped up the stakes and the intrigue. The dialogue is also rich. The characters each take on their own life by their unique variants of speech, which is a treasure to read in a novel for this age group.The author also did a stellar job of making the novel’s scenes move at a brisk pace. The ending is surprising and surely leads to another book as children will WANT to know what happens with Lyle and Lynn now that they’ve traveled through the rainbow.

One thought on “Into the Fire

  1. I am a little late in responding as I have had to refresh my memory with Book 3 – and refreshing it is, as I travelled with them all. How they have all grown in their characters through foibles, fears, fairies and fun, and the overcoming of the former.
    It is a fabulous sustained fable for our times, with its modernday Canadian twist, especially for the adults who used to believe, and an epic fantasy adventure for the children who need to….

    My only concern is in the getting to this last and best book, is will the children of today relate to the early parts in the fifties? I could see a tv or movie version perhaps suiting this….

    Now that I have gotten to know Bunny a little better I feel a kindred connection – and I believe!!! Now, what is next? Janice needs to know….

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